• What do my government clients spend their money on?
  • What are my competitors winning and who are their clients?
  • Doing my own public sector market analysis is very time consuming!

Govspend saves you time.

Graph of annual Australian Government spending by procurement method

Start with insight. With a better understanding of your clients and competitors, you'll make your numbers.

Using spending data published by government agencies and mashed up with other publicly available information we provide you with unique insight into government spending and supplier sales.
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5. Insight!


Find out what your competitors are winning
Look at previous contract information and find out what your competitors are winning so you can position your company better.

Find out what your clients are spending money on
Look at client contract data by supplier and spend category. Figure out if they can afford your services.

Save time conducting government spending analysis
Determine agency spending patterns and contract end dates to save you time developing your sales forecasts.

Determine when key contracts are expiring
Analyse existing contracts, their start, end and duration so you can identify when to approach clients and offer alternatives.

Compare your performance against your competitors
Identify your market share in federal and state government based on published contract spend.